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Yard Waste Removal

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Cutting grass and maintaining lawn equipment are time-consuming tasks for all property owners. Throw in tree trimming, weeding, mulching, edging, and sodding, the tasks continue to pile up.

Many consumers are shocked to discover that municipal household waste collection services are no longer legally accepting yard waste. As nice as well-maintained lawn looks, this new regulation creates more complications for the modern homeowner.

A solution must be found because it’s not the curb appeal alone at risk here. Not properly maintaining a lawn doesn’t risk the value or appeal of a home, it could result in a whole handful of uninvited complications.

Why Bring In The Professionals

Most homeowners understand and experience the difficulties of properly caring for a lawn. With weekly trimmings, constant raking, and the incessant removal of fallen twigs and leaves, tending to the smallest plots can eat away hours at a time.

That’s just one of the very many reasons to bring in a professional yard debris removal team. Some homeowners are quick to opt for professional landscaping services. Despite the specialized service these firms offer, homeowners will find themselves locked into a costly mowing contract with no yard debris removal.

Factors That Determine Yard Waste Removal Pricing

The general concept behind shady billing practices is to get the job completed while ignoring the quality of the service. Once the job is complete, consumers hardly have a leg to stand on. Fortunately, this is never the case when consumers hire our junk removal company.

In addition to providing free quotes, we also offer no-obligation consultations per request. The response time is between 24 and 48 hours in most cases. We also offer same-day and emergency yard waste pickup for local residents.

Branch And Twig Removal

For all the shade and enjoyment trees provide, they can be just as equally troublesome. This is especially true in the fall, when twigs, leaves, and branches are constantly falling on the lawn. Throw in the havoc these nuisances can wreak on the roof and home’s gutter system, and one will start questioning their relevance.

This is where we separate ourselves from the competition. While we do not classify our company as a landscaping service, our junk removal experts are willing to go the extra mile to dispose of lawn waste.

Commonly Asked Yard Debris Removal Questions

What Classifies As Yard Waste?

Homeowners are likely familiar with the terms green, organic, and biological waste material, which is mere yard debris. Leaves, fallen branches, grass clippings, old sod, flowers, tree stumps, moss, twigs, logs, dirt or soil, and vegetable trimmings classify as lawn waste.

Any debris produced by trees, hedges, gardens, flowers, or shrubs can be referred to as yard waste or yard debris.

Properly Disposing Of Yard Debris

While homeowners must contend with household waste on a daily basis, yard debris will likely only be a problem for six months each year. Trees, shrubs, or hedges could require regular maintenance during the winter months as well.

There are many different ways for homeowners to deal with yard waste. Why put up with the headache when we can do it for you? For a minor fee, we can do all the dirty work and heavy lifting for you.

Nevertheless, there are other ways to deal with fallen debris.

  • It may be possible to rent waste dumpsters. Of course, this requires manual loading of the dumpster and residents will have to verify that the company accepts yard waste. Unfortunately, we haven’t encountered removal companies willing to take yard debris, even when it is properly bagged.
  • Hiring our firm is always one of the best options.
  • Grass clippings can be used as mulch
  • Some cities have several waste depositaries that accept yard debris. Just remember that this will require bagging and hauling the waste to the facility. Consider this an entire afternoon or weekend project.
  • Composting is always another good alternative. Some neighborhoods offer community composting.

What About Tree Limbs, Branches, And Tree Waste?

Trees are a different problem altogether. The usual twigs and branches are one thing, but a fallen tree is a whole different matter. It’s a situation that will require specialized tools like chainsaws. Even when someone is dealing with the smallest trees, it will require hours of back-breaking work. Plus, there are serious risks involved.

Cutting the fallen tree into manageable pieces will be the best approach. Although we cannot assist with that task, we’ll be more than glad to haul away the twigs, branches, and cut pieces. We can even help clean and clear the area when the job is done.

The most affordable route might be offering the tree to someone willing to cut it up and haul it away. Depending on the type of tree, some might even be willing to pay for the wood. Regardless, these people will be happy to use it as firewood.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is oftentimes more difficult than dealing with fallen trees. That’s because the stump is likely attached to a massive network of underground roots. Removing the stump will either require hours of digging and chopping or the use of a special grinder.

Landscapers or tree removal companies can normally accomplish these tasks, but it’s not something we are equipped to handle. Once again, we’ll be more than willing to deal with the remaining waste, but we do not remove stumps.

A more affordable solution is the chemical degradation route. Some professional landscaping firms drill several holes in the stump and fill them with degrading chemicals. The chemicals essentially eat away at the stump and break it down. Just remember that the remnants will have to be cleaned up later.

Since the chemicals used in the process are lethal, they may only be available to licensed landscapers or tree removal companies.

Why Yard Waste Isn’t Like Typical Household Waste

There was a time when locals could throw their yard debris in bags with their regular household waste. That is no longer the case as the practice is now considered illegal in some areas. Waste management companies put forth a valiant effort each year to separate and recycle what organic waste is combined with regular household waste.

However, they discovered that items like soil, rock, treated wood chips, and broken pots cannot be recycled.

Eliminating Tree Branches

Wood chippers are always effective for disposing of smaller twigs and branches because they serve two purposes. It’s a process that not only gets rid of the debris, but it turns those twigs and branches into decorative wood chips.

It is for this reason that some neighborhoods have set up communal wood chippers during the months when fallen yard debris is at its worst. Many hardware stores offer wood chipper rentals to residents, but the only time this is economically justifiable is with bigger jobs. When your property is filled with trees, fallen twigs, and branches will always be a problem so it’s best to find alternatives.

What About Grass Clippings?

Proper lawn maintenance isn’t just about ensuring grass is cut on a regular basis. Any time someone mows his or her lawn there will be clippings to deal with. Believe it or not, the easiest way to deal with those clippings is by leaving them in place.

Unlike other yard waste, grass clippings release nutrients when they break down. Collect these clippings and use them to fertilize gardens is a suitable option. Otherwise, it is possible to collect the clippings, stuff them in biodegradable bags, and place them on the curb for pick up.

That last disposal option requires much more work and a possible fee for the yard waste removal service.

Recycling Yard Trimmings

Given the time it takes grass trimmings to naturally break down, it’s not hard for the average homeowner to accumulate much more than they can use. When mowing the lawn weekly, the consumer will likely need to seek other viable disposal methods. Suitable options are available below.

  • Create a green waste composting pile
  • Use these clippings as mulch when possible
  • A fair amount can be left on the lawn, but too many clippers will smother the grass and produce dissatisfactory results
  • Collecting and bagging the clippings is another option
  • There is also the option of hiring a junk removal firm. Our technicians will handle everything from the bagging to the removal of yard waste for our clients.

Preparing For Our Arrival

If yard maintenance was as simple as collecting fallen branches and grass clippings, everyone would do it. Unfortunately, this process isn’t easy. Hiring a junk removal company to deal with this problem is economically justifiable.

The first step is preparing. Start by collecting gloves, rakes, spades, sealable biodegradable bags, and other tools deemed essential to the task ahead. Then, it is just a matter of physically picking up and bagging the trimmings.

Before placing the bags on the curb and contacting the removal firm, it is essential to ensure the bags are sealed securely. It’s important to remember that not all removal companies will deal with this type of waste. When that’s a problem, we’re always available!

How It All Works And What We Take

Although there are many avenues for responsibly disposing of yard debris, mixing the items with regular household waste is illegal in many areas. Some consumers might think concealing trimmings and mulch with regular household waste is a viable option. That’s not only irresponsible but it could be traced to your home.

Doing this even once could result in fines and possible discontinuation of future service. We understand that responsibly disposing of these items is a hassle, but we’re going to make it easier for you. Our customer just needs to phone our office to set up an appointment for today or tomorrow.

We can take all types of yard waste, including twigs, branches, mulch, leaves, and more.

If you have any other junk removal issues please check out other services.

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