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It is easy for sheds to become overloaded as consumers purchase more yard furniture and tools. Before you know it, your shed will be unusable because you’ve hoarded too many items. Rest assured knowing that our junk removal experts can help you resolve this problem. Besides getting rid of junk, we can also remove old sheds from our client’s property.

Shed Removal Made Simple With Our Professional Removers

Our team of experienced removers has seen it all including decaying huts, lean-tos bursting at the seams, and old sheds with caved-in roofs. Although a shed is meant to make a person’s life easier, that can change in the blink of an eye. Once it is time to get rid of the dangerous shed, our technicians will be ready to assist you.

Whether you’re ready to replace the shed or not, you can count on us to get rid of it. We complete each step from the client including demolishing the shed.

What Does Shed Cleanout And Demolition Entail?

While there are other companies, there are very few like ours. Our decades of experience provide us with the ability to undertake any type of cleanout or demolition. Our company has been dismantling and removing sheds in your city for many years. We have the tools, trucks, and manpower to tackle this problem quickly. We can even get rid of multiple sheds simultaneously.

We’ll break down the shed into smaller pieces to ensure that it can be hauled away easier. In some cases, our specialists will be able to recycle the old shed components. Regardless, you can guarantee that you’re in good hands.

Do Demolitions Require Permits?

Depending on your city and its regulations, you may need to obtain a permit before you can demolish your shed. It is vital to find out before doing anything. Otherwise, someone with the building commission may catch you tearing down your shed without a permit. If this happens, you’re going to face a hefty fine.

In some communities, permits are not required. It is wise to call your local agency to determine whether you’ll need a permit to demolish your shed

General Pricing Breakdown

Many locals are worried about overspending on shed removal services. Unfortunately, their concerns are warranted because some companies have used shady practices to boost their profits. Thankfully, this isn’t going to be an issue when the client chooses our services. We believe it is best to put the client first. While we have to make money to remain in operation, we’re never going to abuse our clients.

We do not use hidden fees or other shady tactics. The client will receive a free quote from our friendly representative. The quoted price is what they’ll pay for our shed removal service.

Step-By-Step Demolitions

Before attempting to demolish a shed, make sure you have everything you need. Start by collecting the following items. 

  • All necessary safety gear, including harnesses, gloves, protective eyewear, hard hats, steel-toed boots, and electrical meters.
  • Pry bars and levers of various sizes
  • Pliers
  • Drill
  • Adjustable wrenches
  • Claw/straight/sledgehammers
  • Brooms
  • Tarps
  • Ladders
  • Hand and reciprocating saws
  • Wheelbarrows and hand trucks will ease toting efforts

With gear in hand, the demolition can begin. Follow the steps below to demolish the shed safely.

  • Disconnecting Electrical Supplies –Even basic storage units will likely contain some sort of electrical supply. It may be an extension cord or it could be an entire panel box full of 110 and 220-volt circuits. Regardless, the first step is ensuring that all power is disabled!
  • Removing The Windows – With the electrical supplies disconnected, it’s time to tackle the next safety hazard which will be the windows. Start by removing the decorative molding and examining the frame. Carefully remove the windows by prying on the frames. Once removed, get the windows away from the work area to avoid breaking the glass.
  • Dealing With The Doors –  If weather permits, doors should be removed next. Start at the trim and work inward towards the frame. Most doors come from the factory with the frame built around them. Therefore, you must pry out the entire unit.
  • The Roof – It’s now time to move on to the roof. This will involve multiple steps. Start by removing the shingles or metal so that the subroof is exposed. The subroof is likely plywood or particleboard and attached with screws. Removing these pieces will expose the roof joist. Depending on the design, these are likely the pieces that join together to form the peak of the roof. When assembled, they may represent large triangles. Removal may require separating them one piece at a time.
  • The Walls –Saws will come in handy when removing roofing and walls. Expose the wall studs and separate them from the foundation. It’ll first require the removal of the siding to expose the trusts and joists. With these exposed, they can be cut or pried away from the foundation.
  • The Flooring –Removing the flooring may be the most physically demanding aspect of demolishing a shed. If you wish to get rid of a concrete foundation, you will need to bust the slab into manageable chunks and haul them away.

Shed Cleanouts

Our company offers shed removals and shed cleanouts. Whether you need to remove a decaying shed or you wish to get rid of unnecessary junk, you can depend on our technicians. We’ll get the job done quickly so this problem doesn’t consume your life. Start by phoning our office to schedule an appointment with the best shed removers in the business.

Start With Our Shed Removal Service

  • We advise locals to start by phoning our office. We have representatives standing by and they’re eager to answer your questions. They’ll also help you set up an appointment.
  • Our office will send several technicians to your residence.
  • As our truck gets closer to your home, you’ll receive a call from our team. You’ll know we’re on our way so you can get ready.
  • We’ll give you a free quote based on the amount of space your shed takes up in your van.
  • We can remove the shed after you accept our price.

If you have any other junk removal issues please check out other services.

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