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TV Recycling & Disposal

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Today’s technological advances in the home entertainment industry are truly astonishing. However, as much as TVs have improved over the years, manufacturers haven’t made great strides toward more environmentally-friendly products.

If anything, the more advanced electronics and bigger screens only contribute towards worsening green efforts. Throw in the fact that people are now replacing models every two or three years, and it’s not hard to see why responsible TV disposal is growing more significant. Regardless of our tireless efforts, we can’t make a noticeable impact without the assistance of our customers.

Why Choose Us To Deal With Old TVs?

We would never discourage anyone from taking an active role in modern recycling. Given the effort and hassles it now takes to responsibly dispose of recyclable materials, we also understand completely why many avoid the process.

That’s why we’ve specifically designed our removal services to make the entire process as easy and pain-free as possible. It doesn’t require the customer any more effort than a phone call or online booking.

We handle everything from the pickup to the disassembling and separation of recyclable materials. Recycling made easy for a better tomorrow is a motto we try to live by!

What Factors Determine Old Big Screen TV Removal

Unfair pricing has only further sullied the removal industry’s reputation. As professional junk removers with decades of experience servicing the local community, we regrettably agree with many of these claims. That’s why we are more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure our services are priced fairly.

We offer transparent pricing, free estimates, and custom junk removal packages. Our services are comprehensive but not to the point where it significantly impacts the price.

Please feel free to request a consultation with one of our LED TV removal experts. We are a one-stop shop for junk removal and disposal.

Environmentally-Friendly Recycling Of Used Television Sets

Every television set contains recyclable components, meaning that the device contains parts that can be broken down and utilized in the remanufacturing of new products. There are many vast advantages of recycled materials in the production of new electronic devices, automotive components, appliance motherboards, and space heater technology.

Recycled components eliminate the need to extract these materials from the earth, further depleting the environment. This benefit alone is enough to excite anyone about recycling. It is a great way to start minimizing your carbon footprint.

The process of recycling requires all TV sets to be broken down into individual components. The recycling center generally does not handle the disassembly. Instead, the facility sends old televisions to a third party to complete the disassembly. From here, the components are distributed accordingly.

Our goal is to make the junk removal process even simpler with a friendly approach. All it takes is that initial consultation to get things started. Contact our local customer support to schedule a free consultation with a certified junk removal specialist.

Common Recycling Questions:

How To Dispose Of Old TVs

Believe it or not, there are tons of practical ways for consumers to recycle used TVs. Given that TVs are fairly transportable, we’ll always encourage homeowners to take a more active approach. However, it’s not required when we’re on the job.

Donating may require a trip to a local charity, but this is without a doubt the easiest option, especially if the TV is operable. It doesn’t require disassembly and the receiving party might be gracious enough to pick it up.

Broken units and TVs with missing components can serve a purpose. If manufacturers don’t utilize them for refurbishing purposes, a local repair service may be willing to take them off your hands.

Although a bit more difficult, operable TVs can be sold. Pawn brokers are a viable option, but having a yard sale will likely guarantee a much more lucrative return.

Our junk removal entails the pickup and removal of old, nonworking big-screen, 4k, flat-screen, smart, and 3D televisions.

Can TVs Go In The Trash?

TVs cannot be thrown in with household waste or recyclables. If the waste management company finds a TV grouped in with the household waste, they will remove it from the trash bin. The customer is responsible for disposing of their old TV sets.

Some may even go as far as trying to charge an additional fee for special disposal.

What Components Can Be Recycled?

Nearly all internal and external TV components are recyclable. Consumers have the option of disassembling their television sets before hauling them to a municipal waste collection site.

How Our Old Television Pickup And Disposal Services Work

  • The customer schedules a free consultation for a TV pickup
  • A certified technician consults with the client in their home
  • The customer receives a written quote with a deadline of two to four weeks. If an extension is needed, please contact our local office to speak with a representative
  • An appointment is scheduled for the pickup
  • The junk removal team loads the old TVs onto their truck
  • The area is cleaned before the team departs for the local recycling facility

We offer same-day and emergency junk removal services. Our pricing is fair and our customer service is top notch.

If you have any other junk removal issues please check out other services.

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