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Mattress Disposal & Recycling

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As a mattress gets older, it is going to become less comfortable. Then, the user will have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, the mattress may need to be replaced. With our mattress disposal service, it’ll be easier than ever to replace an old mattress. Phone our local office to set up an appointment with our mattress disposal specialists.

Why Choose Us To Get Rid Of An Old Mattress

We employ the leading professionals in your area to ensure that we can provide locals with satisfactory services. We’re constantly training our workers to improve their skills and to make our services faster, faster, and more convenient. Our team tries to provide the client with an abundance of perks that they cannot get elsewhere. For instance, we can unclutter any room, including bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, and kitchens. We also offer transparent prices and free quotes without obligations.

We strive to work on the client’s schedule to avoid creating a headache for those involved. Our technicians can dispose of mattresses using eco-friendly methods to protect the environment and put the client’s mind at ease.

About Our Mattress Removal Prices

Before we can give the client a free quote, we need to find out more about their mattresses. After all, the price depends on the amount of space consumed in our truck. Our technicians will be sent to the client’s home so they can inspect the junk in person. Then, they will determine the price and give the client a free quote. If the client likes our price, the mattress or mattresses can be removed immediately.

The client is free to shop around since our quotes come with no obligation.

Which Mattress Materials Can Be Recycled?

Whether someone is getting rid of appliances, mattresses, electronics, or clothes, recycling is always a good choice. Mattresses and box springs contain many materials that can be used again. If the mattress ends up in a landfill, it is only going to take up space until it completely decomposes. Unfortunately, this will take many years. It is estimated that up to 90% of the materials found in mattresses can be recycled.

Another thing to note is that the recycling process is convenient. It can be used to remove the foam padding, fabric, box springs, and other materials so they can be used to create new mattresses, animal bedding, and more.

  • A mattress’s foam padding is easy to recycle. After it has been removed, it can be used to make padding for animal beds and carpets.
  • The fibers and fabrics can also be removed and recycled. They’re often used for textiles.
  • Box springs contain metal that can be scrapped and reused. This metal is frequently used to make building materials and appliances.
  • Wood frames are usually turned into mulch. However, it is also possible to burn this wood as a fuel source.

Some mattresses are still in good condition. These mattresses can possibly be sold or donated so they’ll receive good homes.

FAQs Regarding Mattress Removal & Disposal

Ways To Get Rid Of Old Mattresses

Homeowners can use numerous methods to dispose of unwanted mattresses. The available methods will depend on the condition of the mattress.

  • When someone is dealing with a mattress in good condition, they can sell it or give it away online.
  • Many charities are happy to accept mattresses that are still in excellent condition. Call local charities to see if any of them are looking for mattresses.
  • Some websites can help people find recycling centers in their cities. Otherwise, you’ll need to call around until you find a recycling center that will take the mattress.
  • Find out what the brand is. Once you’ve done that, you can try calling the brand to see if they have a trade-in program for old mattresses.
  • Get in touch with our representative. We offer cost-effective mattress recycling services in your area. We’ll get rid of it for you before you know it.

What About Mattresses With Bedbugs?

Our company strives to be versatile to ensure that we can take and dispose of all types of mattresses, but there are some exceptions. We may be able to take mattresses that are infested with bedbugs. It depends on the regulations in the client’s area. Nevertheless, it is usually a good idea for the client to deal with the infestation before doing anything. Get in touch with a qualified exterminator in your area so they can treat your residence.

They’ll also be able to remove bedbugs from your old mattress. Then, we’ll be able to take the mattress. Otherwise, it is wise to wrap the mattress in plastic to prevent the bugs from escaping.

Can Old Mattresses Be Donated?

It is possible to donate old mattresses, but it depends on the condition of the mattress. No one wants an old mattress with urine stains and other issues. If the mattress is filthy and worn out, it is best to recycle or trash it. However, usable mattresses that are still in good condition can always be donated. Call local charities to find out whether they’re accepting mattresses.

Can Old Mattresses Be Recycled?

Besides donating, it is also possible to recycle old mattresses. Ultimately, this is the best choice for mattresses that are no longer usable. When a mattress is properly recycled, up to 90% of the materials can be recycled and used to create new products. We can haul old mattresses to local recycling centers for our clients.

Which Mattress Components Are Recyclable?

Surprisingly, many mattress components can be recycled and reused. It is essential to recycle because this method is better for the environment. The fabric, padding, wood, and other materials can be recycled. Call us so our technicians can haul away your mattress today.

Why Is Recycling A Good Idea?

When it comes to disposing of mattresses, recycling is always a good idea. The method ensures that the mattress doesn’t waste away in a landfill. Plus, these recycled materials will be helpful in making new mattresses and other products.

Signs It Is Time To Invest In A New Mattress

  • Permanent, set-in stains
  • Lopsidedness (one side lower than the other side)
  • Foul odors
  • Unexplained lower back pain
  • Restless or difficulty sleeping through the night
  • Center sagging
  • Bed bug infestation
  • Dust mite infestation

Old Mattress Allergens

Used mattresses are contaminated with dead skin, hair, dust, dried body fluids, such as sweat, bacteria (enterococcus, norovirus, and staphylococcus), and stains.

People with asthma and other respiratory conditions are prone to allergies. Old mattresses are oftentimes contaminated and should be disposed of according to local laws.

Our Approved Old Mattress Removal List

We also accept used futons, hospital beds, metal mattress foundations, water bed frames, adjustable beds, trundle beds, storage beds, bunk beds, and tatami beds.

How Our Old Mattress Removal Service Works

  • A certified technician performs an inspection of the old mattresses for custom pricing
  • The client agrees to hire our junk removal company to dispose of the old mattresses
  • The client signs a written contractual agreement to ensure the mattress removal is completed to their satisfaction
  • The junk removal team picks up the old mattresses and transports them to a local landfill
  • The area is thoroughly cleaned for the job is complete

If you have any other junk removal issues please check out other services.

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