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Pool Table Removal

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Pool tables are essential for a home family room, den, or game room. The beautiful architecture and smooth wood finish can also add eye appeal to the room. The average service life of a quality pool table is 20 years. Consumers generally start looking for a suitable replacement after 10 years of service.

Professional Pool Table Removal And Disposal Services

An average-sized, solid wood pool table can weigh as much as 2,500 pounds. However, the average weight for a residential pool table is 1,100 pounds. The heavy construction complicates disposal in more ways than one. Keeping this in mind, disassembly is not always on the table.

Our certified junk removal team has the manpower needed to disassemble all pool tables. We utilize power tools and other equipment to completely break down the pool table before removing it from the home. The individual components are then loaded onto a large truck and hauled to a local waste recycling drop-off site.

Used Pool Table Disposal

Consumers have several old pool table disposal options to choose from. We always recommend the greenest disposal to protect the environment. Most of the components – frames, legs, rails, beds, leather or vinyl materials, and billiard cloth – are recyclable.

Consumers should always consider donating their used pool tables before the other disposal methods. Pool tables are considered a commodity to most low- and median-income households. Ask around to see if someone would be willing to take the pool table off your hands.

How Our Old Pool Table Removal And Disposal Services Work

  • The client receives a free written quote
  • The client chooses to take advantage of our junk removal service
  • The crew disassembles the old pool tables
  • The pool table components are loaded onto a truck
  • The room is cleaned before the junk removal team departs the home
  • The junk is dropped off at a municipal recycling waste collection center

If you have any other junk removal issues please check out other services.

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