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Today, appliances are essential to everyday life. People have to use freezers and refrigerators to prevent food from spoiling. If you attempt to eat spoiled food, there is a good chance that you’ll get gravely ill. In addition to this, you have to use your stove to properly prepare food to eliminate germs and bacteria. If something happens to one of your appliances, you’ll need to get it repaired immediately.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. In some cases, the appliance is beyond repair so it’ll need to be replaced. We strongly recommend calling our local office. With our appliance recycling service, we can help get rid of your old stove, refrigerator, washer, or dryer. We’ll get it out of your way before you know it.

Why You’ll Want To Pick Us

Although there are other local junk removal companies, we believe we’re the best in the area. We aim to provide our clients with unique perks that cannot be obtained from our competitors. For instance, we always provide transparent prices, free quotes, and no hidden fees. We also know how to dispose of appliances without hurting someone or damaging the customer’s property. Call us to learn more! Our friendly representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Always Transparent Fees

Our prices are always transparent and fair because they’re based on the amount of junk being hauled away. We determine the price based on the amount of space the junk consumes in our van. Before our technicians being removing appliances from the customer’s home, they will evaluate the appliances and give the customer a free quote.

There is no obligation so the customer can always shop around for deals.

We Can Help Locals Recycle Old Appliances

We know that you want to get rid of your old appliance without hurting anyone or the environment. We have created comprehensive appliance removal services to help achieve these goals. When someone calls us, we’re going to send technicians to their home. Our technicians will attempt to recycle the old appliance. Since we have relationships with local recycling centers, we can easily get your appliance recycled.

Any harmful materials will be removed from the appliance. Recyclable materials will be kept and reused. Finally, the remaining components will be taken to a landfill. Let us help you.

How Our Recycling Process Works

Although it depends on the appliance, most are made using metal and chemicals. These chemicals play a vital role in ensuring that the appliance works correctly. The only issue is that these chemicals can be harmful to the environment. They must be contained to prevent them from damaging the ozone layer or entering the water. Our technicians follow precise steps to protect the environment during the appliance recycling process.

First, we have to make sure that all hazardous materials are removed and dealt with accordingly.

  • Any refrigerant will need to be removed and dealt with properly.
  • Insulating foam also has to be removed and destroyed.
  • Certain hazardous materials, such as PCBs, will need to be safely removed and disposed of.
  • Used oils from the appliance will be carefully extracted and dealt with.
  • Any materials that can be saved will be recycled. Usually, we will be able to help recycle metal, plastic, glass, and other materials.

After the steps above have been completed, the remaining appliance will be broken down into smaller pieces. Magnets can be used to remove steel components. Then, eddy currents are used to extract aluminum and other metal deposits. Some materials will be sold to manufacturers so they can be used to make new appliances.

Questions Regarding Appliance Disposal

Who Will Take Old Stoves, Ovens, And Other Appliances?

It is important to understand that some companies will not deal with old appliances. The good news is that you don’t need to look any further because we’re here to help you. Our technicians have skilled and strong enough to dispose of stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and more. We’ll take these appliances and deal with them responsibly.

Throwing Appliances In The Garbage

Is it possible to throw small appliances in the garbage? While you technically could throw a microwave in the garbage, you shouldn’t. Again, old appliances are going to contain harmful chemicals. If these chemicals leak out, they’re going to enter the air, soil, and water. Unfortunately, this means that you’re going to harm the environment. Do not throw an old appliance in the garbage.

Get the toxic chemicals removed at a recycling center. Then, the appliance can be disposed of safely.

It Is Vital To Recycle Appliances

Recycling old appliances is always recommended. The problem is that any appliance is going to contain materials that could harm the atmosphere. Even the smallest appliances are going to contain harmful materials. Recycling is the safest way to dispose of these products. Doing so will help reduce the impact on the environment. It doesn’t have to be difficult to recycle old appliances. Locals just need to phone our office to take advantage of our convenient and reliable appliance recycling services.

In some areas, there are mandates that require locals to recycle small appliances. Again, we’ve got your back. Call us to get professional assistance because we can get the appliance recycled promptly.

Which Old Appliances Are Recyclable?

Most old appliances can be recyclable without difficulty, but it may depend on the rules in your area. Appliances of all sizes can be recycled. Larger appliances will be turned into scrap metal. Then, the metal will be recycled and melted down so it can be used to produce new products. Regardless of the size of the appliance, it can likely be recycled. Call and tell us more about your appliance.

Disposing Of Unwanted Appliances

Old appliances can be dealt with using several methods. The right method for you will depend on the situation and the condition of the appliance.

Donating It

Ultimately, many old appliances can be donated. Nonprofits and charities will likely accept old appliances that still work. However, it is pertinent to make sure that the appliance is still in good condition. After all, nobody wants an old appliance that hasn’t been cleaned or maintained.

Selling It

It would always make sense to sell an old appliance. Doing so is a good way to get rid of it while adding money to your pocket. The only downside is that the appliance will have to be transported. You may need to take it to a meeting point for the buyer.

Recycling It

Recycling is a better option for appliances that no longer work. A recycling center will strip important components from the appliance so they can be recycled and reused. Toxic materials will also be removed to ensure that they do not damage the ozone layers.

Hire A Professional Appliance Removal Service

Professional appliance removal is time- and cost-efficient. Hundreds of consumers take advantage of our old appliance removal services year. We offer custom packages to ensure fair prices for one appliance or a mixture of small and large appliances.

Our Approved Appliance List

How Our Old Appliance Removal And Disposal Services Work

  • A certified technician writes out a quote for the property owner
  • The customer agrees to utilize our residential appliance removal service
  • An appointment is scheduled for the junk removal team to pick up the old appliances
  • The junk removal team arrives at the property to pick up the appliances
  • The old appliances are transported to a municipal or city recycling drop-off facility
  • The area is thoroughly cleaned for the job is done

If you have any other junk removal issues please check out other services.

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