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Replacing old furniture can be exciting and reinvigorating while giving any room a facelift. The only downside is that responsibly disposing of old furniture has only become more difficult in modern times.

Why It Makes Sense To Opt For Professional Furniture Removal

Removing furniture from a residence is never easy because these pieces are heavy, hard to handle, and difficult to dispose of. In this situation, our professional furniture removal company can provide some much-needed relief.

Our removal services are designed with the intent of making furniture disposal as easy, painless, and efficient as possible. On top of this, our removers will work around the customer’s schedule and do all the heavy lifting.

Pricing Is Based On Load Size

Unfortunately, some junk removal companies are not putting the customer first. Certain companies use hidden fees to boost their bottom line at the customer’s expense. We’re not going to do this. We’re always honest about our prices.

Our fees may not be the cheapest, but they are fair and upfront. After contacting a representative at our office, we’ll dispatch a member of the team to the customer’s home so they can provide a free quote.

Our quotes come with no obligations allowing the customer to shop around for the best deal.

Recycling & Donating Are More Important

Recycling and reusing old items have become more important than ever. Materials are getting more limited, prices are climbing, and the sources for essential day-to-day items are being depleted.

We always go the extra mile to help our customers recycle their old items. If our customer’s items can be recycled or donated, we’ll ensure they go to the correct location. Unfortunately, some items will end up in landfills. Rest assured knowing this is a last resort.

Commonly Asked Furniture Removal Questions

What Is Responsible Disposal?

No one wants to waste a free weekend wrestling with heavy furniture. That’s why our services are well worth the low price. We’ll take the responsibility off your shoulders and do the heavy lifting for you.

A City Landfill: Most cities offer access to a local dump that will take old furniture. Some are open on weekends and after hours for convenience. Depending on the circumstances, there may be a fee for dumping items in a local landfill. Since some dumps might not take your furniture, it is best to call ahead.

One Man’s Trash: One of the easiest ways for dealing with old furniture is to donate it. If the customer is lucky, they might be able to get someone with proper transportation to pick up the furniture. The problem with this method is finding a suitable donor. Plus, there is the aspect of inviting strangers onto the property.

A Local Scrap Dealer: Finding a local dealer will not be a problem. Many offer pickup and removal, but the majority will require delivery. In addition to this, there might be some disassembly required since these dealers generally only want metal. Calling ahead is the best way to find out about the requirements. Many scrap dealers will offer some type of financial compensation for your items, but it may not be worth it in the long run.

Lawn Furniture Conversion: You may be able to turn your indoor furniture into lawn furniture. Although this isn’t suitable for certain pieces, it might be right for certain chairs and couches. Before throwing your furniture away, see if you can turn it into an outdoor decoration.

A Full-Service Removal Firm: Choosing a full-service removal company is one of the simplest solutions. A full-service company will handle every step of the process so the customer doesn’t have to lift anything. They’ll take the furniture out of the home, load it, and haul it away. Many will even clean up the mess before they go.

Can Furniture Go In The Dumpster?

Given that most waste management providers aren’t equipped to handle furniture, it usually isn’t possible to throw furniture into the dumpster. Nevertheless, some of these companies will take furniture so it is best to call the company to ask. The only issue is that the customer will have to haul the furniture down to the dumpster.

Some waste management companies pick up furniture, but they require an appointment. Call to see whether your company will take your couch.

Can Used Furniture Be Placed On The Curb For Donation?

Can an old couch or chair be given away by the curb? It will come down to the city’s guidelines. Even when cities do permit this practice, a building manager or neighborhood association can legally deny them. Before throwing pieces on the curb and advertising them as give away, one will want to check with the necessary agencies.

Doing so is better than being fined for not following the rules.

Are There Different Procedures For Wood Pieces?

Not all furniture can be disposed of in the same way. Some recycling centers may only be set up to take plastics, while some may only be able to handle metal. Painted, stained, and treated wood will need to undergo different recycling methods than natural wood. In some cases, these products cannot be recycled at all.

Particleboard and chipboard create unique recycling scenarios because they contain various chemical adhesives. The best approach is to try to find a practical use for these materials around the home. They can sometimes be given to someone before a DIY project.

What We Can Take And How To Get Started

Never hesitate to call our office because of fear that we won’t take your items. As a full-service service provider, there isn’t much we aren’t set up to handle. Years of experience in the industry have provided us with the knowledge needed to handle any project.

Our customers receive numerous benefits, including transparent prices, no hidden fees, rapid delivery, and more. Furthermore, our team can handle many pieces of furniture including those listed below.

When you’re ready to get rid of your furniture, start by phoning our local office. We’ll take your items in a hurry.

Get Started With Our Furniture Removal Service

  • Call right now to speak to a friendly representative in your area. They’ll help you schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.
  • We’ll call when our technicians are getting closer to your residence.
  • You’ll receive a free quote as soon as our technician inspects your furniture.
  • Our team can begin removing your furniture once you’ve accepted our quote.

If you have any other junk removal issues please check out other services.

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