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Household solid and liquid waste must be disposed of per the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act “RCRA.” The framework created by the RCRA laws regulate the disposal of all types of waste, including manufacturing and industrial solids and household liquids and solids.

All towns, cities, municipalities, and counties have their own or third-party waste management companies. Some local laws require all households and businesses to enroll in rubbish pickup services. However, most people like the convenience offered by weekly and bi-weekly trash pickup and disposal services.

Benefits Of Hiring A Household Waste Pickup Service

One thing is for sure, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of regular trash pickup. The hassle of DIY waste removal makes professional trash management worth it even more.

The convenience of professional waste removal is definitely worth mentioning. Whether it is a routine or a one-time pickup, the payoff is convenient. Consumers set their trash bins at their curbside for the garbage truck to pick up.

Household waste management is a cost-efficient service. When compared to the resources utilized in hauling trash to a local municipal waste collection site, professional rubbish removal is affordable.

Factors To Determine One-Time Waste Removal Pricing

The biggest factor that determines the cost of a one-time trash pickup is the load size. It only makes sense that heavy loads cost more than light loads. The same goes for the location. When the rubbish is stored in an area difficult to reach, it can sometimes require more resources to remove it from the property. Special equipment is utilized to lift extra-heavy loads. When the area is difficult to reach, it is impossible to utilize the loading equipment, which must be substituted with extra manpower.

Waste type is another determining factor. For example, a large piano requires more resources to remove from the property. When disassembly is not an option, the old piano must be manually removed by a team of strong workers.

We offer free estimates per request to ensure fair pricing across the service area. An estimate takes less than an hour for small loads.

Municipal Household Waste Pickup Service Tips

Municipal or city household waste management companies are required to heed RCRA regulations. In addition to RCRA laws, trash collection service providers operate per a strict regimen. Knowing the rules will put you a step ahead in the process.

  • Household trash cans must be at the curbside before the garbage truck arrives
  • Garbage bins must be visible to the pickup crew
  • Secure the garbage can lids to keep wild and stray animals out
  • Customers are responsible for moving their trash bins back to the storage area
  • Take advantage of recycling containers provided by some municipal household waste collection services
  • Customers are responsible for keeping recyclable and non-recyclable waste separated
  • Memorize the company’s acceptable and unacceptable household waste list
  • Waste management companies have load restrictions. Some accept five or fewer bags of garbage while others take up to three full garbage cans of waste
  • Hazardous waste must be secured to prevent exposure and injury
  • Glass will not be accepted if it is not double-wrapped in a durable material
  • Propane cylinders, automotive acid batteries, fluorescent bulbs, old motor oil & antifreeze, liquid cleaning products (ammonia and bleach), automotive tires, asbestos-based materials, and medical waste are unacceptable
  • Liquid flammables are unacceptable products

FAQs – Trash Removal Services

What Is The Cost Of Trash Pickup Services?

The price of trash pickup services is never universal because it depends on the customer’s area and their preferred trash removal company. Furthermore, it may depend on the volume of trash being dealt with. To find out the exact cost, contact a trash removal company in your area and get a quote.

Our technician will need to visit your residence and check the trash first. Then, you’ll receive a quote with no obligation.

What Should I Do With Old Batteries?

Once your batteries have been drained, they’ll need to be disposed of properly. In some cases, homeowners cannot throw their old batteries in the garbage because it may be against the law. Some retailers have battery recycling bins. Ultimately, this is common in hardware stores so customers can drop off their rechargeable batteries. Batteries often contain toxic materials. If they’re dumped in a landfill, lithium, cadmium, and other toxic chemicals may enter the environment.

Get professional help when necessary.

What To Do When You Miss A Trash Pickup

Even if you’re the most diligent person in the world, there is a risk that you’ll miss a trash pickup at some point. Find out how to deal with this situation so you can be ready. Most people will be able to wait for the next pickup. However, you might have too much trash. If you have a suitable truck and enough time, you can always haul the trash to the local landfill on your own.

Unfortunately, this can be a big undertaking so it isn’t suitable for some customers. Another option is to take advantage of our trash pickup service. If you have too much trash or you’ve missed your pick-up, you can depend on us to get rid of the garbage for you. We can take the garbage and dispose of it conveniently.

Decreasing General Waste At Home

Homeowners should work with their loved ones to cut down on the waste they throw out every week. The tips below can help reduce general waste at home.

  • Start using recyclable materials more often.
  • Replace plastic bags with reusable bags.
  • Don’t eat out because you’ll have to deal with leftover food containers.
  • Buy items in bulk so the containers can be used for longer.
  • Store food in reusable containers.
  • Organic waste can be helpful in your compost pile.
  • Begin repairing and fixing items that are broken instead of trashing them.
  • Don’t rely on plates that will be used once and thrown away.
  • Donate any items that still have value.

Decreasing Household Food Waste

Many people don’t realize how much food waste they deal with. They purchase too much and eat too little. As a result, they end up throwing away a lot of good food. To save money and avoid overfilling a landfill, it is wise to find out how to reduce household food waste.

  • Have a list when visiting the grocery store to avoid overbuying.
  • During dinner, make sure that your portions are reasonable.
  • Learn how to save leftovers so they can be eaten the following day.
  • Find out how to properly store food so it’ll last longer.
  • Organize carefully so there will be enough space in your pantry and refrigerator.
  • Don’t purchase any food items unless you’re going to consume them.
  • Keep a log of the items you’re throwing away.
  • Consider meal prepping to cut down on household food waste.
  • If you’re hungry, avoid going to the grocery store.
  • Find out how to freeze fruits and vegetables to preserve them.
  • Only buy fresh food that will remain fresh until consumed.

Decreasing Household Plastic Waste

Most households across the country have a lot of plastic in their garbage. They use plastic spoons, plastic boxes, and plastic forks. Unfortunately, the plastic they throw away will eventually enter a landfill. When possible, households should work together to avoid throwing away too much plastic. Use the advice below to cut down on plastic waste.

  • Don’t buy products that are stored in plastic bottles. Switch to cardboard boxes instead.
  • Never rely on plastic bags that will be thrown away immediately. Use reusable bags.
  • Purchase a metal or paper straw so you don’t have to use plastic straws.
  • Avoid chewing too much bubblegum since it is made using plastic.
  • Take advantage of reusable containers to avoid throwing away plastic boxes and bottles.
  • Always bring a takeaway box when eating out at restaurants.
  • Parents may want to switch to cloth diapers to return their household plastic waste.
  • Create fresh juice to avoid throwing away plastic juice bottles.
  • Pick a razor with replaceable blades.
  • Make bread at home.
  • Deli meat should be wrapped in paper instead of plastic.
  • Pick soap bars that are stored in cardboard boxes.
  • Stop buying deodorant in plastic containers.
  • When you have to deal with foul odors at home, use a candle.

Where Does My Trash Go?

Once the trash has been picked up from a residence, it will be taken to the nearest landfill. Once the trash company has finished its route for the day, all trash will be hauled to a landfill where it will be sorted. Recyclable trash will be separated so it can be dealt with accordingly. The remaining trash will be dumped into the landfill. Certain mechanisms attempt to prevent pollutants and chemicals from leaking and harming the environment. These toxins may even be converted into energy.

We’ll Take Your Trash

Our technicians aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty. Therefore, locals can rest assured knowing that we’ll take their organic waste, garbage, and household waste. We can even dispose of bulk trash for our customers.

Use Our Trash Pickup Service

  • To get your trash picked up today, call to schedule an appointment with our specialists.
  • We’ll send a few junk removers to your home.
  • When they’re 30 minutes away, they’ll call to tell you they’re coming.
  • After checking your trash, we’ll give you an accurate quote with no obligation.
  • Once the customer accepts our price, their trash can be picked up and hauled away.

If you have any other junk removal issues please check out other services.

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