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Refrigerator Recycling & Disposal

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As a refrigerator gets older, it is no longer going to work effectively. Unfortunately, it may struggle to keep your food items cold. Before you know it, the items in your refrigerator are going to begin spoiling. To prevent this from happening, it is essential to replace an old refrigerator before it stops working.

Our company can make this process a bit easier for the homeowner because we offer refrigerator recycling and disposal services. Once someone has decided to get rid of an old fridge, they just need to call our local office. We’ll take the appliance away and dispose of it responsibly.

Why You’ll Want To Pick Our Refrigerator Disposal Service

We know how stressful it can be to have to replace an essential appliance like a refrigerator. Our company is adamant about making this process easier for our clients. Once we’ve received a call from someone who needs to get rid of an old refrigerator, we’ll send our specialists to their residence. The technicians will look at the refrigerators so they can give the client a free quote.

The price depends on the amount of space the refrigerators take up in our truck. We have enough manpower and transportation space to get rid of multiple refrigerators in one visit. We also provide straightforward, transparent prices, free quotes, and speedy solutions.

About Our Refrigerator Disposal Prices

We work hard to keep our prices low so we can help as many clients as possible. We also provide transparency and never use hidden fees to boost our bottom line. We must check the client’s junk before we can give them a free quote. The price is based on the space taken up in our truck. The quote is available for free without an obligation so the client is free to go elsewhere. We still believe that our services are well worth the price.

Questions Regarding Refrigerator Removal Services

How Can I Get Rid Of An Old Fridge?

Homeowners needing to get rid of an old fridge will have several options to consider. Some methods are only suitable for refrigerators that are still in good condition.

  • Call a waste management company in your area. Some companies will be able to accept large appliances like refrigerators. However, the customer may need to haul the refrigerator to the curb before the company will pick it up. Plus, the company may only pick up large appliances on certain days.
  • Call local scrap metal dealers to see if any of them will take an old refrigerator. These appliances contain a lot of metal so they’re beneficial to scrapyards. One problem with this disposal method is that the customer will have to transport the refrigerator to the scrapyard. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible unless you have a large van or truck.
  • Speak to representatives of your local electricity company. Some of these companies offer disposal services to customers purchasing new refrigerators. Talk to the retailer when buying a new refrigerator to see if any options are available.
  • Is the refrigerator still working? Does it look great and work just as well? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you may be able to donate the refrigerator to someone in need. Although you can give it directly to a neighbor, it may be easier to give the fridge to a nonprofit.
  • Finally, you should consider depending on a professional junk removal company. We’re always here to help clients when they need to get rid of old refrigerators, stoves, ovens, dryers, and other appliances. Our technicians are trained thoroughly to ensure that they can safely haul refrigerators out of homes and dispose of these appliances responsibly. When the client takes advantage of our cost-effective appliance disposal services, they won’t have to lift a finger.

How To Dispose Of An Unwanted Refrigerator?

Homeowners in our area can always depend on our services to get rid of their old refrigerators. We work around the clock to ensure that we can keep up with the demands of our clients. Besides taking refrigerators, we can also get rid of stoves, dryers, washers, and other appliances. The client just needs to call our office to schedule an appointment and get a visit from our skilled technicians. Homeowners can also give away old appliances, recycle them, or sell them.

Is It Okay To Recycle An Old Refrigerator?

Recycling an old fridge is always a good disposal option. You can recycle old refrigerators and you should always choose this option when possible. Refrigerators contain harmful chemicals that could harm the environment. Before getting rid of this a, these chemicals must be removed. Recycling will make sure that these harmful chemicals are removed so they will not harm the environment.

How Can I Recycle An Old Refrigerator?

It isn’t difficult to recycle an old fridge. All the customer has to do is call our local office and schedule a pickup. We have technicians standing by so the appliance can be hauled out of the customer’s home within hours. Our skilled junk removers have been dealing with old appliances for many years so they know how to lift refrigerators safely. They also have multiple disposal options although we recommend recycling old appliances.

Once the appliance is loaded into our van, we’ll take it to the nearby recycling center. The personnel will begin breaking down the refrigerator and removing any harmful chemicals. Some materials will be recycled so they can be used to create new products. The toxic chemicals will be disposed of safely. Finally, the remaining components will be transported to a nearby landfill.

If you have a suitable truck or van, you may be able to recycle your old refrigerator on your own. Regardless, it is easier to depend on us.

Preparing An Old Refrigerator For Us

Before our technicians arrive, we strongly recommend getting the refrigerator ready. Complete the steps below so we can take the fridge immediately after we arrive.

  • Start by pulling the plug. Be sure to do this roughly three or four hours in advance so the evaporator has time to defrost.
  • All food and drink items must be removed from the refrigerator. Move them to the new refrigerator so they do not spoil.
  • Any loose components should be secured using tape.

Never try to lift a refrigerator on your own because you may hurt your back. Call our office to allow our junk removal specialists to help.

Signs It Is Time To Replace A Refrigerator And Freezer

The average service life of a top-brand refrigerator is 10 years. At this point, the refrigerator has malfunctioned at least once. The most common cause of a refrigerator malfunction is a bad compressor. Other working components include the condenser coil, evaporator, expansion valve, thermostat, and water filtration system,

The age of a refrigerator should be the first thing to consider when deciding if a replacement is necessary. The money spent on repairs may be better spent on a replacement, Some malfunctions, such as a damaged compressor, are quite expensive. An aftermarket refrigerator compressor costs between $250 and $700. This does not factor in the labor, which will add another $50 to $300 to the total.

  • The freezer compartment doesn’t get cold
  • The refrigerator is 10 years old
  • When the repair costs more than a replacement
  • When malfunctions become frequent
  • When replacement parts are no longer available
  • When the original refrigerant is no longer available

Who Is Responsible For Disconnecting Old Refrigerators

We ask the customer to disconnect their old refrigerators and freezers before the removal team arrives. Laws prohibit our employees from performing any appliance disconnection. We are prohibited from disconnecting electrical cables, water lines for ice makers, and gas connections.

The refrigerators cannot be removed from the premises until they are disconnected from the electricity or gas source.

Our Approved Used Refrigerator Removal List

We accept all brands – Maytag, Whirlpool, GE, KitchenAid, Frigidaire, Samsung, LG, and Bosch – of refrigerators.

How Our Old Refrigerator Removal And Disposal Service Works

  • The homeowner requests a free old refrigerator removal quote
  • A customer support representative dispatches a certified technician to the property to assess the old refrigerators
  • The customer receives a written quote that includes labor costs, disposal fees, and loading equipment (if applicable)
  • The junk removal team picks up and drops off the used mattresses at a local waste collection center
  • The area is thoroughly cleaned before the job is complete

If you have any other junk removal issues please check out other services.

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