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BBQ & Old Grill Pick Up

BBQ grills are essential to every outdoor kitchen. Consumers invest a lot of resources into a patio kitchen for outdoor entertainment purposes. Gas, propane, and charcoal grills make some of the most delicious barbecue food. Outdoor entertaining would not be complete without a BBQ grill.

The service life of a propane grill varies, depending on the brand, design, maintenance, and placement. It only makes sense for a grill to last longer when it is routinely maintained and stored under an overhead.

Professional Old Grill Pickup And Disposal

After years of reliable, consistent service, it is time to dispose of your gas grill. Believe it or not, some people grow an attachment to their grills, making disposal even more challenging.

DIY old grill disposal is generally a simple process but still requires lifting, loading, hauling, and offloading. The resources needed to dispose of used grills include manpower, a truck, and sometimes special loading equipment. These are resources that are not always accessible to every homeowner. Our professional propane grill pickup and disposal services take responsibility away from the consumer.

Where To Dispose Of Unwanted Gas Grills

  • A Local Recycling Center – Most internal and external components of a gas grill are recyclable. Metal carryover tubes, side burners, heat plates, burners, grease trays, cooking grates, hoods, frames, handles, stands, doors, and warming racks are constructed from recyclable materials. The igniter and other electronic components can also be recycled for new manufacturing.
  • A Local Charity Store – Many nonprofit charities – Goodwill and Salvation Army – have stores with a diverse inventory. Charities tend to offer pickup for all kinds of donations. Donating to a local charity is a valuable benefit for the community. Free pickup takes the disposal responsibility away from the consumer, keeps old grills out of the landfill, and gives money back to the community.
  • Give To A Friend Or Neighbor – Your unwanted grills could make a wonderful addition to someone else’s outdoor patio. There must be at least one acquaintance willing to take the old grill(s) off your hands.
  • Scrap Metal Salvage – Most gas grill components are constructed from different types of metal. If consumers can disassemble their old grills, the scrap metal can fetch a decent price. Local metal scrap yards take about anything made of metal.
  • Hold A Garage Sale – Fully functional propane grills will make a good selling point for a yard sale. Consumers are willing to invest a few dollars in a good, used grill.
  • Curbside Giveaway – For consumers who do not have a truck, a curbside giveaway is a great way to get rid of old grills. Move the used gasoline grills to the curbside and post a giveaway ad on social media.

Are Old Gas And Propane Cylinders Takes Recyclable?

No, municipal recycling centers do not accept propane cylinders. The only way to get rid of old grill gas cylinders is through local suppliers. Contact the local propane supplier to inquire about their disposal methods.

Prepare An Old Grill For Recycling

Preparing an old propane grill for recycling is generally a simple process. There is no need to disassemble the unit but the propane cylinder must be disconnected. Recycling centers do not accept gas cylinders, these will need to be dropped off at a local supplier.

How Our Old Gas Grill Removal Works

  • The customer requests a free estimate which takes between 12 and 24 hours to process
  • A certified technician inspects the old grills to determine the fairest price and greenest disposal strategy
  • The old grills are hauled to a municipal recycling center for a green disposal
  • The junk removal team cleans the workspace before the job is complete

If you have any other junk removal issues please check out other services.

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