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Basements and crawlspaces are an intricate part of a home’s foundation. They are utilized to house hot and cold water pipes, sewer pipes, and heating & air conditioning ducts. Homes either have an unfinished or finished basement or crawlspace that has been fully encapsulated. While both types of basements serve the same purpose, a finished basement is a livable space. Regardless, both are at risk when the home is located in a flood zone.

It is unfortunate for people residing in natural disaster-prone areas. Some homes are so prone to storms, a mild thunderstorm is problematic. With our residential storm cleanup, storm-impacted homes can quickly be restored to their normal state.

Residential Storm Clean Up

For impacted homeowners, there is nothing worse than cleaning up after a severe thunderstorm, hurricane, flood, and tornado. Regardless of the severity of the damage, the cleanup can be a complicated mess.

For people who have never been impacted by a storm, the clean seems cut and dry. This could not be further from the truth. Storms leave behind devastation, such as structural and personal property damage. In severe cases, the cleanup can take months to complete, this is not factoring in the home restoration.

5 Types Of Emergency Storm Debris Removal

Hurricane Disaster Cleanup

An average of seven hurricane disasters are recorded each year in the United States. Hurricanes are rated on a scale of one and five, depending on sustained wind speed. For example, a Category 1 Hurricane has sustained winds ranging between 74 and 95 miles per hour (119 and 153 km/h).

Hurricanes cause roofing, flooring, structural, and personal property damage. Other forms of hurricane disaster damage are no less devastating for impacted property owners.

Tropical Storm Disaster Cleanup

Tropical storm disaster damage is generally not as severe as that caused by a hurricane disaster. However, the devastation is no less stressful. Tropical storm disasters cause mild to severe flooding and wind damage to siding and roofing.

Flood Disaster Cleanup

According to statistics, about 13 flood disasters (130 flood disasters in total) were recorded in the United States between 2010 and 2019. The total number of major flood disasters increased from 23, in the previous decade, to more than 130.

Floods tend to do more damage to basements and crawlspaces than other parts of the home. Flood disaster damage ranges from mild to severe, with the latter causing the most devastation. Flood damage includes warped floors, cracked foundation, moldy carpet, busted windows, and weak walls and ceilings.

Electrical, plumbing, sewage, furniture, and HVAC system damage may also be recorded.

Tornado Disaster Cleanup

The number of tornado disasters recorded each year in the United States is about 1,200, according to NOAA. Tornados are rated on a scale of zero and five, depending on the level of wind damage.

Tornado devastation impacts roofing systems, siding, windows, doors, foundations, and electricity.

Fire Disaster Damage Cleanup

Fire is not a natural disaster but the damage is no less devastating for impacted property owners. House fires are generally covered under the typical property insurance policy.

Fires can impact one room, multiple rooms, or an entire home. Impacted property owners report tens of thousands of dollars in losses but nothing compares to the loss of a loved one or beloved pet.

How Our Storm Damage Cleanup Works

  • An inspection is performed to determine the severity of debris damage
  • A certified technician provides the homeowner with a written quote
  • The customer schedules an appointment for the storm damage cleanup
  • A team of experts performs the cleanup
  • The debris is transported to a local landfill where it will be disposed of

We offer same-day and emergency storm damage debris removal.

If you have any other junk removal issues please check out other services.

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