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Basement Clean Out

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Home basements are more commonly utilized for storage than any other purpose. Depending on the circumstances, some unfinished basements are updated to finished basements. What is the difference between an unfinished basement and a finished basement? An unfinished basement has been waterproofed but not completely sealed to prevent moisture. A finished basement is completely encapsulated, a process that installs a drainage system, heavy-duty moisture barrier, vents, and dehumidifiers.

What Is A Professional Basement Cleanout Service?

A professional cleanout is the process of a cleanout crew removing all items from the basement. The property owner decides, in advance, how to deal with the stored items. Our team deals with the actual removal.

Tips To Prepare For A Professional Home Basement Cleanout

There is only one way to prepare for a basement cleanout performed by our professionals. Following the tips provided below will put you a step ahead in the process.

  • Inventory the stored items
  • Enlist a few helpers with the heavy lifting
  • Decide which items to keep, recycle, junk, and donate
  • Determine the best disposal method for each and every item
  • Request a free professional basement cleanout estimate
  • Decide if you want to hire our junk removal company
  • Schedule an appointment for the basement cleanout
  • Be available for the junk removal team during the cleanout

Do-It-Yourself Basement Cleanout Tips

Contrary to belief, professional basement cleanout is a cost-efficient service. The job is customized to ensure the customer the best price without comprising the outcome. Cost-efficiency is not enough to entice all consumers to hire a junk removal company to clean out their home basements. In any case, the tips provided below will ensure the most sufficient DIY basement cleanout for all homeowners.

  • Work in sections to ensure the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness
  • Devise a DIY basement cleanout strategy
  • Enlist a few helpers from the neighborhood to lift, load, transport, and junk the heavy items
  • Designate five separate areas for the items to keep, donate, recycle, sell, and junk
  • Plan to dispose of contaminated items to eliminate potential exposure to other areas of the home
  • Rent a dumpster to eliminate the need to haul junk to a landfill
  • Inquire about free charity pickup services for items item in good working condition
  • Hire our junk removal team to remove, haul, and dispose of unwanted items
  • Create a basement cleaning checklist
  • Implement the cleaning plan only after the basement is completely empty

If you plan to utilize the space for future storage, we recommend an organization plan. Keep an inventory list that can be adjusted to add and remove items as needed. Encourage other members of the household to follow your organizational plan to eliminate clutter.

Our Professional Basement Cleanout

We offer free written estimates for our professional basement cleanout services. We customize each cleanout to fit the client’s needs and preferences. Our basement cleanout is generally available by appointment only. However, we can schedule a same-day or emergency appointment per request.

  • A certified technician draws up a written contract for the client to sign
  • The client and technician discuss the cleanout, junk removal, and disposal
  • An appointment is scheduled for the basement cleanout at the client’s earliest convenience
  • We haul unwanted items to recycling centers, garbage dumps, waste collection sites, and charity organizations

We recommend a free quote to ensure the best price. Do not hesitate to inquire about our same-day and emergency junk removal services.

If you have any other junk removal issues please check out other services.

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