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Today’s homebuyer should evaluate the flooring in the prospective home with high standards. The seemingly endless styles, colors, practical installations, and overall comfort are merely a few of the attributes people love about carpeting.

From easy DIY installations to a warm comforting feel, unlike any other material can provide, carpeting is an obvious choice for dens, living rooms, or bedrooms.

Carpet is not without drawbacks. When it comes time to replace your carpet, responsible disposal will be a major hurdle.

Let Us Make Carpet Recycling Easy!

Carpeting offers one of the most practical replacements, but disposal makes the job seem impossible. Even with new installations, there will be extra pieces to deal with. As easy as it would be, you can’t bag and place the leftovers with the general household waste.

Most modern waste management companies won’t even take small bagged yard waste anymore.

As environmentally-aware professionals, we are advocates for furthering one’s recycling participation.

However, we also believe that responsible carpet disposal shouldn’t be something homeowners stress over. That’s why our removal services are tailor-made to make responsible carpet disposal as painless as possible! A simple phone call to our office gets our professionals on the job!

How Is Carpet Removed?

The world of carpet designs and colors is vast as are the installation options. Carpet can be tacked down with what is known as tack strips or it can be spot glued. In less refined areas, some consumers might choose to nail or staple it down to the subflooring.

Professional installers generally go for the tack strip installation, but the removal of all prior installation methods virtually requires the same step-by-step approach. Choosing a corner, wall, or door transition as a starting point and working to the opposing side.

Depending on where one starts, getting the first section of carpeting free may require removing a door transition or trim molding. These components can serve to conceal where the carpeting edging has been tacked down. Pliers, hammers, prying levers, and crowbars are essential tools for these tasks. 

It’s this initial step that is the biggest hurdle. Once over that, it’s a matter of pulling, tugging, and rolling. With the carpet removed, the padding should now be exposed. It is generally held in place utilizing the same or similar methods.

Regardless of when the carpet was installed, replacement of this under padding is always recommended because this is where most of the smells and dirt are found.

Cutting the carpeting or underpadding into more manageable pieces as one goes is always a favorable option. However, if the carpet will be donated, one may want to avoid this step. It’s much easier for installers to shorten carpets than to make splices.

Tack Strip Installation

As mentioned above, most installers prefer the tack strip attachment method. If this method is used, it will be clear when the carpet and padding are removed. Tack strips are very similar to those spike strips that law enforcement professionals throw across the road during high-speed pursuits.

They are small planks of wood with nails driven through them. They are attached to the subflooring in a position where the sharp ends point toward the ceiling. 

If they aren’t too badly damaged and if you’re sticking with carpet, try reusing the tack strip. Vinyl, hardwood, or most other flooring installations will require the strip to be removed. 

In all likelihood, they are glued down so removing the strips may leave behind an uneven, sticky residue that needs to be removed as well.

How Does One Dispose Of Carpet?

Although there are many viable options for the responsible disposal of carpeting, they aren’t the most DIY-friendly options. The first option is working with the local waste management provider. Some of these companies will take carpeting and padding while others will likely only take a small load.

Some companies require bagging while others just need prior notification before pickup. Either way, there will probably be a small fee in addition to the monthly subscription fee.

Local dumps and landfills are also going to accept carpets, but this may also require small dumping fees. This option isn’t easy because the customer will be responsible for transporting the carpet.

Donating is another option, but you’ll likely be responsible for transporting the carpet to its new home. The last and most favorable option is to hire a reputable junk removal firm.

Not only does the firm need to be reliable, but they need to be willing to offer full-service carpet removal and disposal. That means that the removal team will come into the home, bag, load, and haul away the waste.

We’re proud to provide our clients with these services and we’re always ready to help.

Carpet Disposal Made Environmentally-Friendly

The number one thing our customers can’t stop talking about is the peace of mind they get with our services. Junk removal is much more to us than just hauling waste from one place to the next. Our customers really appreciate our reliability, consistency, and transparency.

We guarantee our quotes as well as all our work. The customer never needs to worry about paying a penny more than they are initially quoted because we do not increase our bottom line by using hidden fees.

If the old carpet can be donated, we’ll handle that. If it needs to be recycled, we’ll make sure it goes where it needs to. Nearly anything that can be recycled, donated, or dumped, we’ll take it! To give new customers a better idea of items we see regularly, here is a list:

Teaming Up With Our Specialists

  • Call our office right now! We can help you schedule an appointment with our carpet removal specialists.
  • We’ll send a team of carpet movers to your home.
  • When they’re 30 minutes away, you’ll receive a call so you can prepare for their arrival.
  • You’ll get a free quote from our friendly representative.
  • Your carpet can be removed immediately.

If you have any other junk removal issues please check out other services.

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