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Extremely therapeutic with equally impressive recreational benefits. A justifiable investment is more than an impulse splurge. It’s no wonder consumers are so quick to retrofit their decks and patios to accommodate a hot tub or spa.

As great as these recreational appliances are, the responsibilities are definitely worth mentioning. However, routine maintenance is not enough to extend the service by more than a few years. There will come a time when it makes more sense to replace than repair. Now, it is time to start thinking about the removal and disposal.

Our Service Are Designed To Lighten The Load

Hot tubs aren’t just immensely heavy, they are also awkwardly shaped. Wired to dangerously high voltage, connected to the main water line, and plumbed into the sewage system, the removal of a hot tube can be quite complex.

The disconnection alone can be problematic for many people. Once complete, the water and electrical outlets need to be sealed off. Moving a 500-pound empty hot tub is a team job that requires special equipment.

Importance Of Proper Hot Tub Disposal 

If safely disconnecting the appliance was at the base of the pyramid, responsible disposal would be near the tip. On top of that, local waste management companies continue to enforce their load limitation regulations.

Most household waste collection services now require their customers to jump through hoops to get rid of common yard waste. Don’t even think about trying to sneak that in with regular household waste! 

Best of all are the additional fees for extra pickups. Think that’s a nightmare? Try responsibly disposing of a hot tub! Before getting into that, here are some alternative disposal options:

  • Donate the hot tub to a dealer or repair service provider. If it can be salvaged for parts they might even be willing to pick it up for free.
  • There is the option of setting the hot tub at the curbside for a giveaway. Stick a “For Sale” sign on it, so passersby know it is available.
  • There is also the option of donating it to a local charity. Check with neighbors, friends, and families to see if they are willing to take it off your hands.
  • Our junk removal service is another option, We are a one-stop shop for old sauna removal and disposal. We offer custom pricing for hot tub pickup, regardless of weight, shape, and size

Safely Moving A Hot Tub

The best, yet most practical method to safely move a hot tub is with special loading equipment. Of course, most modern homeowners do not have this type of equipment at their disposal. Contact our local office to inquire about our hot tub removal that utilizes equipment capable of lifting an empty 1,000-pound hot tub.

A crew of four or five workers can manually lift and load the empty hot tub onto a large utility trailer. Customers are responsible for preparing their hot tubs for removal. The electricity and water lines must be disconnected in advance.

  • Kill the supply power and double-check to ensure it is off. Disconnect the electrical wiring and seal off the main before moving forward
  • Completely close off both the hot and cold water inlets, and double-check your work. Seal off the main water line before moving on to the next step.
  • Drain the hot tub before disconnecting the drain line. Depending on the size of the unit, it can take at least 20 minutes to completely drain out the water. Disconnect the drain line before moving to the next step
  • With the power, water, and drainage outlets closed off, one can start tackling the external heater connection. After the heater is disconnected, it is a good idea to seal the lines to protect them from getting damaged
  • The last step is the physical relocating of the unit which should be carefully and strategically planned out. Make a clear path, open gates or entryways in advance, drop the truck’s tailgate, or roll up the doors

Factors That Determine Hot Tub Disposal Pricing

Earlier, we touched on pricing as being one of the more complicated areas of the junk removal industry. Pricing can be difficult, but it is the unfair practices of some junk removal services have tainted the industry.

We offer custom junk removal to ensure fair pricing across the market. This is a common practice that essentially allows us to do the job at the best rate. Our free estimate is the best and only way to secure a price that does not break the bank.

We always provide written, upfront quotes with a deadline of two to four weeks. Once the customer agrees to utilize our hot tub removal service, a contractual agreement is drawn up. The customer is asked to thoroughly read the contract before signing on the dotted line.

Recycling And Donating Of Used Hot Tubs

Hot tubs and many of their components can be legally recycled. Even the bulky lid is constructed from recyclable materials. While recycling offers immense benefits for the environment, it is a complicated process. Fortunately, the customer is not responsible for the recycling process.

Not every component is recyclable, but the municipal waste collection service gets the most out of every old hot tub and sauna.

We encourage our customers to donate or recycle their good, used hot tubs. If someone is willing to take it off your hands, they may also be willing to deal with the loading and hauling.

How Our Professional Sauna Removal And Disposal Services Work

We guarantee fair pricing for all our junk removal services. We understand it is an added expense consumers must endure getting rid of their old saunas. With our fair pricing, used hot tub pickup and disposal services are accessible to all local consumers.

Above all else, we ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction. We understand the challenges of dealing with a 1,000-pound unwanted hot tub. These challenges as well as unfair pricing have a way of deterring consumers to hang onto their old saunas.

Free consultation and written quote secure the best upfront price. The property owner can choose to hire our junk removal company or one of our competitors. Until the contractual agreement is signed, they are under no obligation to utilize our services.

If you have any other junk removal issues please check out other services.

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