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Construction Debris Removal

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Home construction, restoration, and renovation are timely and costly projects with an immense amount of leftover debris. Consumers have their hands full overseeing the project, leaving them little time to deal with construction debris. Our renovation junk removal comes highly recommended by property owners across the city.

When overseeing a home restoration project consumes all your time, leave the junk removal to our experts. We employ a skilled junk removal team with decades of combined experience.

Our Construction Waste Removal And Disposal Service

Our restoration debris removal is like getting multiple services for the price of one. The service includes the loading, transporting, and disposing of construction debris. In some cases, it also includes recycling and donating to local charities. We are your one-stop shop for junk removal.

We haul away all kinds of construction debris, including drywall, wood, metal, and vinyl scrap. We offer custom pricing for all real estate investors, homeowners, landlords, and property management companies.

What Factors Into Restoration Waste Removal And Disposal Pricing

Custom pricing ensures all our customers get what they pay for without paying one cent extra. The total cost of our professional home construction waste removal is determined by location, type of scrap, disposal method, and weight.

Hard-to-reach locations sometimes require extra manpower for large and heavy scrap, such as broken concrete slabs. We generally utilize special equipment to load extra-heavy loads. When the location prohibits the use of loading equipment, the alternative is extra manpower. We have a responsibility to our workers to keep them injury-free and healthy.

List Of Recyclable Home Construction And Restoration Debris

When it comes to home renovation waste disposal, we always choose to recycle. As the greenest waste disposal method, recycling protects the environment by reusing scrap for new products.

Metal, plastic, wood, drywall, asphalt shingles, cardboard, vinyl, clay roofing tiles, glass, concrete, tile, OSB, and plasterboard are recyclable. The recycling process allows scrap materials to be utilized to manufacture aggregate, OSB sheets, drywall, vinyl siding, furniture, automotive components, plumbing fixtures, and more.

Methods Of Disposing Of Concrete

Concrete can be disposed of using several methods. When possible, it is best to find another way to use the concrete. Consider saving it for your next DIY project so you can use it to create another foundation. Alternatively, you can use it to create a pathway to your garden. If these methods aren’t suitable, you can try using the ones mentioned below.

  • Some waste facilities will accept construction and demolition debris.
  • Building supply retailers in the area may accept old concrete.
  • If the concrete is still in bags, try selling it or giving it away online.
  • Team up with a junk removal company because they’ll take the old concrete.
  • Give the concrete to a company that specializes in recycling construction materials.
  • Put it on the curb and see if someone takes it.
  • Hire our company. We offer concrete removal and disposal services in your area.

Even if the concrete slab is chipped, it may still be usable for some purpose. Find another use for it before taking it to a landfill.

Recycling Old Concrete

Did you know that old concrete can likely be recycled? Concrete contains rocks, sand, gravel, and cement. These materials can be used to make new concrete. Once the concrete has been recycled, it can be used for the construction of new building foundations, wire, mulch, and pavement.

Municipal and city recycling centers accept most types of restoration waste materials. Our junk removal includes recycling of all construction debris. The crew loads the junk on a large truck and hauls it to a local recycling drop-off facility.

Dealing With Scrap Wood

Wood can be used to make shelves, cabinets, steps, ladders, and more. There is a possibility that you’ll be able to find a way to use your old scrap wood, but this may not always be possible. In some cases, you may need to recycle your old scrap wood. Just remember that this isn’t possible when you’re dealing with treated, stained, or painted wood. Wood products that have been treated cannot be recycled.

Getting Rid Of Unwanted Bricks

Brick is one of the most durable construction materials. It is heavy, durable, and versatile since it can be used for various purposes. The non-biodegradable material should never be sent to a landfill because it is only going to take up space. Instead, there are better ways to get rid of old bricks. Experiment with the methods below.

  • Start by determining the overall condition of the bricks. If they’re in good condition, they can be sold or given away.
  • Some local materials exchange programs will let you donate old bricks.
  • Someone in your neighborhood may take your bricks and use them.
  • If you have a lot of bricks, they can be sold online.
  • When someone has to deal with unusable bricks, it is best to take them to a landfill.

Bricks are great because they’re so durable. Instead of getting rid of them, try to find a way to use them in your next DIY project.

What To Do With Old Drywall

Drywall is regularly used in homes across the country. Although the material is versatile, it can be easily broken. Therefore, there is a good chance that a sheet of drywall will have to be replaced at some point. If it cannot be patched, the entire sheet must be replaced. At this point, the old drywall will have to be disposed of properly. Unfortunately, many city agencies and waste management companies will not take drywall.

Therefore, you’ll have to dispose of the drywall using another method. Call our office because we can help you dispose of your old drywall.

We’re Going To Take Away Your Old Construction Debris

Our technicians are skilled and versatile enough to handle all types of construction debris. Once our specialists have arrived, they’ll learn more about the debris and give you a free quote. After the price is accepted by the client, their debris can be removed and disposed of using eco-friendly methods.

Rest assured knowing that our technicians can get rid of scrap metal, concrete, walls, windows, doors, tiles, rocks, insulation, and more.

Sign Up For Our Construction Debris Removal Service

  • Call our office to sign up for an appointment with our construction debris removal specialists.
  • We’ll send a team of technicians to your residence within a few hours.
  • Our employee will call you to tell you that we’re 15 to 30 minutes away from your home.
  • After looking at your construction debris, we can give you a free quote. There is no obligation or hidden fees.
  • We’ll take away the debris before cleaning up the mess and accepting your payment.

If you have any other junk removal issues please check out other services.

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