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East Sacramento

East Sacramento (also known as East Sac) is a neighborhood in Sacramento, California, United States, east of downtown and midtown. East Sacramento is bounded by U.S. Route 50 to the south, Business Loop 80 to the west and north, Elvas Avenue to the northeast and east, California State University, Sacramento, and the American River to the southeast. East Sacramento residential development began in the 1890s, and the area was annexed into Sacramento, CA, in 1911. East Sacramento was also home to the Alhambra Theatre. East Sacramento also includes McKinley Park and the “Fabulous Forties” neighborhood.

Mckinley Park

McKinley Park is a 32-acre (130,000 m2) park in East Sacramento. The park is bordered to the north by McKinley Boulevard, to the south by H Street, by Alhambra Boulevard to the West, and 33rd Street to the East. There is also a smaller, adjacent park located across 33rd Street. A branch of the Sacramento Public Library is located in the north wing of the Clunie Clubhouse, a community center at the park. The library serves East Sacramento, Midtown, and River Park and has 45,000 volumes. There is also a small lake and eight tennis courts. The smaller park includes the Shepard Garden and Arts Center. The park is a popular place for runners and walkers. EZ Sacramento Junk Removal

Quality of life: Greater East Sacramento and McKinley Park are highly sought-after neighborhoods due partly to their central freeway location, proximity to the Midtown area, and the State Capital corridor. As a result, East Sac home prices have seen the largest price appreciations relative to the size of any area in Sacramento. Additionally, the Midtown factor, an area that has seen an explosion in the number of fine dining offerings, monthly social events, and public art and performance offerings, weighs heavily on the popularity of East Sac due in part to its relative ease of access to this area via bike, public transportation or just walking. Schools, community activities, a relative sense of security, and the number of outdoor, social, and recreational diversions create a pleasant mix of outdoor offerings that encourage and foster a strong sense of community.

Fabulous Forties 

The Fab Forties neighborhood is part of the East Sacramento district. President Ronald Reagan lived at 1341 45th Street while serving most of his term as Governor of California. The “Fab ’40s” is the historic terminus of a once extensive streetcar network that covered nearly all the city’s historic neighborhoods. Forty-sixth Street at J Street was the turnaround point for the J Street Line, making it one of the widest streets in East Sacramento. The lots between 38th and 47th Streets and bordered by J Street and Folsom Boulevard, are among the largest in East Sacramento, creating the concentration of larger houses that gave rise to the area’s name. Up until the Great Depression, the grand homes of the “Fab ’40s” were considered to be the modern-day equivalent of a suburban mansion. Now, they are considered architecturally spectacular large to mid-sized houses in very pricey locations. Additionally, the demand for larger and more modern housing has created an interesting surge in the number of remodels and multi-story additions throughout the McKinley Park and East Sacramento community. The Fab Forties neighborhood has a deodar cedar tree (Cedrus deodara) over 100 years old.

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