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11 Easy Interior Design Tips To Create Your Dream Space

Although a happy and fulfilled life represents vastly different meanings, we believe those are two things every Seattle resident is entitled to. For some, it can be as simple as a like-minded life partner. For others, it might be an economically rewarding career. Many find joy in teaching younger generations a skill or helping hone a hidden athletic talent. EZ Sacramento Junk Removal Regardless of what happiness and fulfillment represent, neither is obtainable without a home base. This doesn’t mean a privately owned home with a pool or 20 acres of rolling farmland. It could perhaps be a parent’s basement, as long as it offers a dream environment. And it doesn’t take unlimited resources coupled with spacious surroundings or a buzzing prime downtown address. A bit of ingenuity and planning will prevail.

A Blank, Yet Organized Canvas

A cluttered space will not only impede nearly everything one tries to accomplish, but it’ll create a stressful and anxiety-inducing environment. Both physically and mentally constricting, starting with the proverbial blank canvas will make this process so much better. Imagination will go a long way in transforming a dream space out of any dank, dull room. As a premier junk removal provider, we consider ourselves to be the number one source for decluttering projects. Of the many projects our team has tackled over the years, they have all started with the separation of the practical and impractical. Take a serious survey of the area and note what is honestly needed. If the room is a study or office, it will likely need a desk or two, chairs, maybe a bookshelf, or a computer.

Develop A Style

Most people already have a general idea of what they want their end design to look like. Even in these scenarios, it couldn’t hurt to run through some alternative design plans. Although one should never focus too heavily on comparing their room or themselves to others, it’s a good starting point. The blank canvas will come into play here, allowing the designer to picture what the room might look like when complete. This could help prevent future mistakes that may end up needing major correcting.

A Personal Representation

Most dream spaces are going to be based heavily on views and destinations that the creator finds inspiring. While studying designs always think about how personally inspiring the design that design is. Is there a fondness for outer space and stars? Perhaps it is the gleaming summer sun that gets some going. The important thing here is to ensure your personal inspirations are reflected within the design. Once again, it is immensely helpful and prevents potential mistakes when the location of practical items is noted.

Color Matters!

Given the fact that experts have linked new color studies with moods, their importance cannot be overlooked. It has been a long, time-honored practice amongst designers to associate certain colors and textures with specific emotions. These new studies expand on the realm of those possibilities even further. Greens can obviously reflect flora and nature. They’ve also been tied to healing, hope, fresh starts, and growth. Blues are the gentle calm and tranquility required in relaxing environments. When seeking cheerful, fun, or stimulating feelings, yellows are the option. Reds open the door for confidence while mixing the colors can have certain effects also.

Uniqueness Is Key

It is extremely important to incorporate as many passions in the room design as possible. This room represents a safe haven for the owner, and he or she should be reflected in the design. The real trick is meshing the design with the space. Accumulated trophies, medals, and memorabilia are easy to incorporate into most modern designs. A simple glass-fronted case or open bookshelf is great for bringing attention to such items. These items are excellent conversational tools when entertaining guests or prospective clients. Is there a special fondness for a home state or country? That can be reflected on the walls as well. Basketball, baseball, soccer, or cage fighting, all one’s passions can be reflected on the walls of their dream space. All excellent entertaining tools when used properly.

Taking It To New Heights

Speaking of colors and adorning the walls, one needs to be extremely careful. This is especially the case in smaller rooms. Some designs and colors can make rooms feel much more confounding than intended. One never wants to feel confined in their dream space or it’ll end up being more of a burden than anything else. Utilizing vertical lines and spaces is the best way to make rooms appear much more spacious than they are. Ceiling-to-floor bookshelves and windows also offer a spacious effect.


When designing one’s dream space, it’s understandable to want to incorporate several main design aspects. Think of it like trying to name a favorite band or movie. Nearly an impossible task! Different moods call for different atmospheres, and there is just too much out there to decide on one particular thing. The same can be said about room design, as long as one is willing to stay within the mixing guidelines. Always incorporate an 80/20 ratio when mixing colors or designs. A good example is contributing 80% of a room towards a contemporary design and leaving the other 20% for a traditional design. Above all else, the most important thing here is to never exceed the 80/20 ratio. Don’t assume a 90/10/10 ratio will work because it won’t likely yield desirable results.

Lighting Is Everything

For those that haven’t learned already, lighting can make all the difference in any setting. Natural lighting is always the best option and is nearly impossible to replicate. That being said, a 2,700 Kelvin bulb is about as close as one will ever get to natural lighting. Anything softer is acceptable as well for warmer, more inviting atmospheres. And, it isn’t just the light’s brightness ratings that can make all the difference. Bulbs with a similar radiance will offer much different lighting effects when used in chandeliers as opposed to traditional lamps or even fluorescent. Speaking of fluorescent, that type of lighting is best left avoided, as in smaller spaces it can cause headaches. Recessed lighting and chandeliers are without a doubt the most pleasing options.

The Fifth Wall Theory

Stay around the design industry long enough and one will hear mention of the fifth wall. This would be the ceiling, oftentimes referred to as the forgotten wall. More importantly, don’t forget it! There is nothing wrong with traditional white, popcorn design, but a nice coat of bright paint or beautiful oak wooden slats can offer a captivating setting.

Breath Is An Essential Part Of Life

Just as breathing is an essential part of life, it is essential in room design. Once one starts incorporating their passions into a small room, it can be easy to get carried away. It won’t be long before the room is congested when caution is not exercised. Not only that, but a dream space needs to be functional. This is especially the case when the room doubles as an office, den, man cave, or any other frequently used room. Restricted movement along with limited access to the room’s contents will turn any dream space into an oversized closet.

Functionality Is Also Essential

Speaking of functionality, any dream space needs to serve a practical role in the home. It doesn’t even necessarily matter if the room serves a recreational role. Many are passionate about their careers and the room can double for those purposes as well. Whether it is sketching space, faxes, or computers one needs for work, these devices must be easily accessible. Do not be afraid to utilize your imagination to achieve the dream space of a lifetime. Most people only have one shot at getting it right. This is your opportunity, so make the best of it by seeking the assistance of a professional interior designer if necessary.

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